Why Lake Nona Diagnostics

Lake Nona Diagnostics “LND” is a CLIA/COLA accredited high complexity laboratory that specializes in HRT & Wellness, Molecular testing, including RPP, COVID, UTI, Wound Care and Toxicology.

LND is a fully integrated clinical testing laboratory network delivering personalized testing solutions at scale. Part of the Lake Nona Living Lab community and ecosystem, we are at the forefront of new testing innovations to deliver more agile insights and results for healthier out.

At Lake Nona, we deliver a full range of testing services for patients, physicians, companies, and healthcare groups. We introduce testing specializations to facilitate clinical quality awareness and growth. Our team employs early diagnosis services including new testing systems, instrumentations and protocols.

What We Offer

We offer hospitals, physicians and patients alike a more connected form of testing innovations and services to empower them to make more informed decisions.

How We Do It

We deploy the best of a community and retail model with the scale of a clinical research lab to bring personalized laboratory services that make a difference.

Why choose us?

A Living Lab Community and Eco System

Dedicated Personnel

A fully Licensed Staff

Forefront of Science

Advanced Testing Instrumentation

State of The Art Testing Center

Located in Beautiful Orlando Florida

Licensing and Accreditation


Cola Accredited


CLIA Accredited


Hipaa Compliant