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We offer hospitals, physicians and patients alike a more connected form of testing innovations and services to empower them to make more informed decisions.


A Fully Integrated Smart Lab

Lake Nona Diagnostics is a CLIA/COLA accredited high complexity laboratory that specializes in HRT & Wellness, Molecular testing, including RPP, COVID, UTI, Wound Care and Toxicology.

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Testing Services

Lake Nona Diagnostics delivers a full range of testing services for both healthcare groups, physicians, companies and patients at our State of the Art diagnostic testing center.

Why Choose US

Lake Nona Smart Lab

At the core of our services is a focus on providing the healthcare community with agile and precise testing data for more informed decision-making.

Actionable Insights

We have developed a series of nimble, and fully customized platforms to access our timely test reporting along with supporting customer service modules for informed engagement.


Testing Portfolio

We cover a wide range of testing needs covering a wide range of medical conditions and areas of specialization from preventative tests to monitoring and compliance.

Certified Laboratory

We are a High Complexity CLIA laboratory.

Consultancy Approach

We work with leading healthcare providers and practitioners to understand their healthcare and testing needs to devise customized products, modalities and reporting.

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