Stelios Findrilakis

Lake Nona Diagnostics


Stelios was born and raised in Northern California, the son of two medical professionals. His father being an internal medicine doctor and his mother being an Advanced Nurse Practitioner.

Stelios Findrilakis

Always intrigued by the medical sciences, after graduating from the University of Miami in 2003 with a dual major in Business Administration and Sports Management, Stelios landed a job in pharmaceutical sales with Merck & Co.

At Merck & Co. Stelios excelled as a member of the South Florida sales team working across multiple divisions including, respiratory, cardiovascular, and diabetes.

In 2008 Stelios began work with GlaxoSmithKline, serving as an executive sales representative covering markets to include respiratory, allergy, diabetes, and osteoporosis. His responsibilities also included institutional sales at the hospital level at Broward Health, Coral Springs Hospital, HCA, Tenet Hospital Systems, and Cleveland Clinic.

In 2010 Stelios began work in the Substance Abuse industry selling Point of Care rapid drug screening supplies, and in mid-2012 Stelios secured a leadership role with UA LABS located in Boca Raton as the VP of Sales. Stelios led the Sales Division to a record setting first full year in 2013 generating over 50 million dollars in gross revenues for the company.

In 2014 with aspirations of opening his own laboratory, Stelios created a partnership and founded Lab Geeks in 2015. The company experienced great success from the onset of its’ launch in 2015 to late 2019; at which time Stelios structured a merger with another large independent reference lab.